Relief from pain caused by Auto Accidents, Slips, or falls


-Auto Accident Injury and Rehabilitation Center –

Providing Excellent Chiropractic Care for victims of all types of car accidents and other moving vehicle accidents


If you have been injured in an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or other type of incident healing and rehabilitation are vital.

It takes the right knowledge and experience to truly rehabilitate the body and minimize pain as well as making the recovery time as short as possible. Sometimes, a long-term approach is needed. Whether your rehabilitation takes a few weeks or many months, Dr. Menge and the staff at Boca Delray Pain & Rehabilitation are with you every step of the way. Consider these facts:

• Dr. Menge utilizes his extensive experience in spinal and joint injuries to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients who are suffering pain from motor vehicle accidents.

• Dr. Menge’s working relationships with athletes in the PGA (Professional Golf Association), WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Professional Baseball organization and the NFL has lead to effective results in treating muscle and bone pain.These athletes depend on their bodies for their livelihood, and trust their bodies to our chiropractic Center.

• Dr. Menge utilizes his experiences as an expert witness with the US Government – Veterans Administartion to develop an accurate and case specific treatment plan utilizing state of the art rehabilitation techniques.

• Dr. Menge has formed a working relationship with well respected medical physicians in neurology and orthopedics who aid in the evaluation and treatment of the patients in his office.

• Dr. Menge’s work as an independent medical examiner has given him an intimate knowledge and understanding of the process of utilizing the personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, a right to every Florida resident.

• Dr. Menge provides each prospective patient with a personal tour of the facility and consultation, explaining the treatment process and practices in his office.