Meet The Doctor

Provide services in the evaluation, treatment and prevention of various musculo-skeletal conditions. Pre and post surgical, post traumatic and performance based therapy programs. Since 2001 Dr. Menge has had a personal interest in working with patients from the veterans administration and active duty service men and women. This work has involved the evaluation and treatment of active duty, special operative and active duty reservists.

Provide rehabilitation services to NFL players on a regular basis. Players from the Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, New England Patrtiots and others, including golfers on the PGA Golf Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA Golf Tour and NBA players.

Provide physiotherapy services in conjunction with post surgical physical therapy programs to accelerate healing time.

Collaborate with other healthcare personnel (neurology, orthopedics, neurosurgery) to ensure quality patient care.


ERICH E. MENGE, DC, PA– Delray Beach, FL     2009 – Present

  • ESWT (Innovative sound therapy system from Stuttgart Germany)
  • eliminate symptoms of tendonitis in the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and spine.
  • eliminate muscle fiber injury including bruising, sprains and strains.
  • rehabilitation of the post surgical joint
  • PEMF Technology:
  • eliminate knee and hip bursitis.
  • eliminate bone and joint pain and rehabilitation of the osteoarthritic and post surgical patient.
  • Tecar Technology: 
  • Muscle tissue recovery system for the elite athlete utilized at NYC marathon,  UFC, National level Cross Fit competitors, IMSA and WEC race car series, US National Track and Field teams, NFL, NBA and PGA golf tour.
  • This therapy system is proven to enhance physical performance capabilities.
  • Diathermy (radio frequency)
  • Implementation of innovative tool to reduce mineralization of soft tissues in the post traumatic and post surgical patient.
  • Focus Therapy for the professional athlete and active duty service men and women. Innovative neuroscience application to enhance focus during competition. Actively involved with professional race care drivers of the LeMan’s 2017 race, IMSA and WEC series. 
  • MRI/V02 Max/X-Ray/EEG/EKG  Evaluation tools used to validate goals in therapeutic regimen and maximize human performance.

VARIOUS PROFESSIONAL MEDIA GROUPS – NY, CA, FL and NC                                  2001 – Present

  • Evaluate and treat various musculo-skeletal injuries on-site at professional sports venues, concert and theatre venues throughout the USA and Europe.

STATE/FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WORK                                                                           2001 – Present

New York State and Florida Independent Medical Examiner (IME)

  • Involved in Workers Compensation and Personal Injury case management and peer review for all major auto insurance carriers and general health insurance carriers.

ERICH E. MENGE, DC, PA– Ontario, NY and Rochester, NY                                   1999 – 2007 Private Practice


State of Florida – Chiropractic Medical License (current)

State of New York – Chiropractic Medical License (current)

State of California – Chiropractic Medical License (formerly held)

State of New York and Florida – Independent Medical Examiner Certification (current)


IVB MARKETING – Marnheim, Germany                                                                                   1989 – 1994

Management / Development

  • Development and integration of marketing strategies for a developing company (250,000 square foot manufacturing facility) to French, German and English speaking companies throughout European Union.
  • Managed production, expansion and employee protocol at main facility.




Doctorate in Chiropractic (1994-1998)

Major course highlights include:

  • Rehabilitation and Re-Integration of the Injured Patient
  • Research Development Program for the professional athlete
  • The Autoimmune-Inflammation Connection through Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. President and Chief Science Officer of Metagenics, Inc.

McMASTER UNIVERSITY – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Bachelor of Science Degree (1989-1993)


Major course highlights include:

  • Biochemistry of Tissue Repair
  • Development of Advanced Rehabilitation Techniques in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Program
  • Advanced Measurement Techniques for rehabilitation of the elite athlete Utilizing Phlebotomy and MVO2 Analysis
  • Gastro-Intestinal Research Programs with McMaster Chedoke Health Sciences Hospital